Memory Slip

Day 30: March 2

Empty. His mind feels…as if a spoon has come and scooped out his memories. Not his personality, not quite, for he still feels the same dislikes and pleasures he always has. At least he thinks he does.

Frowning, he peers into the crystal clear stream running past. The luscious emerald shadow of the trees gleam back at him. And his face — it is the same as ever, yet he cannot remember anything before this garden? Why is that?

He scrunches up his face, but only slipperiness meets his investigation and he slides back down to where he began.



NoH: Morning & Coffee

[original first post of a blog linked to a discontinued email]

I’ve always wanted to have a blog where I could post my thoughts, my ideas, and my research. So here it is, after 4 years trying to figure out how to and swapping urls and blogs, I’ve finally decided: heck, I’m doing this.

Every blog needs a beginning and morning’s usually the start of the day. And for (other) people that can include coffee. I’m not a fan of the stuff, but it came up in my morning writing drabble so I endeavored to learn a bit more about it. Especially how it’s made Palestine, Syria, and Jordan.

Wikipedia informed me that the Levant has Turkish coffee, which is less a different type of coffee bean and more a method of brewing the coffee. From what I can gather it seems to require at least three periods of boiling to create the best, but not burned, flavor. Also, foam is important. Having the liquid be completely smooth seems to be key.

I wonder if Turkish coffee would taste better than the stuff I’ve tried because it’s done so precisely. 

Anyway, a quick google search led me here, which states that it’s not boiling, it’s foaming that you want. And it doesn’t have to be done three times. But what’s important is the freshness and (again) the foam. The finely ground coffee beans are added to the warm water (ratio of amount taken into account) and sugar is added to taste and it’s left to heat up. It’s important not to stir it and wait for foam to start forming. Then you can stir a little, if you want. But, again, it seems to be more about the flavor.

Isn’t this interesting, everyone? And I realized while researching this that I can use it in a short story/novella I’m writing (it’s a novella, I think, clocking in at 26k words. I’ll see what its final length is — if it’s long enough I’ll grow it into a novella; if I can hack it in half and still keep the story together, I’ll prune it into a short story)

Interestingly, the top link on a google search of “how to make Turkish coffee” reiterates that it’s the fineness of the ground coffee beans and the thickness that makes it good. But it also, in contrast to the one above, states that the sugar should be stirred in (although I believe the first one mentioned that the sugar could be stirred in once the coffee had settled on the bottom?). And it uses “boil” in its recipe, although I think it means the same thing — heat the coffee up enough to expel flavor.

One aspect of its method that stood out to me was that the foam was removed. Wikipedia (which cannot always be relied on) and the first link claim that the foam is important. The video and recipe make a point of removing the foam.

I will have to look into this more.

Oh, and welcome to my blog. It’s nice to meet you and it’s good to be here. 🙂

Snow Attack

Day 348

Azana laughs. The snowball strikes her husband right on the nose. Alion topples over; a plume of white billows around him. Beneath the crystal clear sky, the white powder sparkles like diamonds. Delighted, she packs another snowball and lobs it at Alion’s back.  

Written: 6 Nov 2016

Words: 43

Inspired: Romance of Three Jewels + plus a short story I’m writing

Chronicle #2: 9 Oct 2016

To get right to it:

  • finished (for the most part) the third story in my NaNo 2015 novel; I’ve started to finish the fourth story which I’m excited about (I have a loose outline of events)
  • touched up a character head-shot for Romance of Three Jewels
  • reformatted an old story I’m thinking of going back to revise and edit (exciting!) mostly because I’ve realized that I still care a lot of about the subject and themes (what happens to invasive species if they adapt to a new environment and fear of the unknown/night and the monster’s pov in a legend)

(I promise that 1. I’ll explain what my stories are, and 2. I’ll try to figure out a more consistent time to post these.) Much good will and thanks to all!

Fairy Tale Friday: Little Tiny

Andersen’s Fairy Tales

by H. C. Andersen

This was an old Christmas present from my mom that I re-found at the beginning of the year. It’s a lovely old book, probably from a used book store. There’s a handwritten note in it dated to June 1961. And while I have other books with a lot of the same stories, there’s something adorable about this one so I’m going through reading all them. 

Little Tiny (pg. 62-77)

“The poor child was very unhappy at the thought of saying farewell to the beautiful sun” (73).


It’s Thumbelina! I was not expecting that from the title.

I’ll say upfront that I kind of love this fairy tale. I don’t think about it often, but when I read it, I couldn’t help mythologizing it and automatically seeing it as a mythology and story root for my writing.

Also lovely description of the tulip with its “red and golden-colored leaves” (62). Being compared to a tulip makes me think of Persia, which makes me think of a particular set of islands in my writing…

Toads don’t live in water; they’re not aquatic. Well, they are amphibious, but they live more on dry land. The way these toads are described sounds a little too wet. But wait! If Andersen’s referring to the common toad (I’m going to start calling it the witch toad), it’s says here that live in wooded areas near marshes. And the toads here live “[i]n the swampy margin of a broad stream in the garden” (63).

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Sun Revival & Rainbows

 Day 240

Azana smiled at the sky. Sunshine filtered through the dense forest, the cheery music of birds, and the gentle whisper of the wind turned the dreary and damp forest into a sight that was almost beautiful. Leftover raindrops glistened from needles, stems, and leaves. Rainbows winked from the watery orbs, while sunlight turned the grass to bright green.

“It’s almost welcoming!” she laughed. 

Written: 8 June 2016

Words: 63 

Inspired: Azana 


Sun Bouquet 

Day 234 

Azana stretched her arms to welcome the morning sunlight. Rising over the green hills, it washed over the budding forest, clear luminous cream. She breathed deeply, inhaling the moist fragrance of dew and flowers with just a drop of sunshine to give them a thick, husky aroma.

Written: 2 June 2016

Words: 47 words

Inspired: spring + morning + Azana from Romance of Three Jewels