Writerly Notions: blogs and purpose

tl;dr: I’ve tried various times to create and categorize writing (and related) blogs. But I can never maintain interest (except in ones I delete or revise the intention of). Until I know what I’m doing with my writing and my various categories of purpose (for me, for fairy tales, for sharing stories, for sharing experience), I won’t be updating this blog on a regular basis, if at all. Thank you to everyone who read and commented on my weird little posts. 🙂


At the beginning of the year (February, to be precise), I typed up an initial post, which has been on my to-do list for…maybe a year?, about this blog. And it’s various incarnations.

The central question was why? Why do I even have this blog?

It started as a place to post detailed responses to books I’m reading or have read. But my motivation and interest in that only lasted so long.

Then it was supposed to be a writing blog, with posts of my writing, especially my daily writing exercises. The trouble with that was two-fold: making sure I didn’t publish anything online I wanted to publish in some other way (and the added analytical sieving to make sure the stories or vignettes I post/posted were not something I wanted to publish in some other way) and a lot of what I would post/posted weren’t really that important. About the most important bits I’ve posted about my writing is my Writing Demons posts.

Then it was supposed to be a place to post my experiences, struggles, and thoughts as a writer. But doing that felt too messy for a blog, so I made a writing journal. But that has since ground to a halt. Likewise, this blog’s venue as a writing blog has ground to a halt. And my question is why?

The best answer I can think of is, as much as I used to write a lot of my thoughts down, in regards to my writing, my feelings, my ideas, they were (and may still be) be insular (you have to know what I’m talking about to know what I’m referencing) and private (I wouldn’t want to share some of them) and spoilerish and messy.

Basically, I want to share my stories, but I don’t want to publish them online until I know what I’m doing with them. Until I know, I don’t want to post timelines, story sketches, vignettes, brainstorming, analysis, or worldbuilding. And if I don’t want to post any of that…then what would I post?

An occasional book or story I read? Maybe. But I wouldn’t keep a schedule because working on life-goals, revisions, essays, and figuring out what I want to do with my stories (plus basic life stuff, like eating, doing dishes, laundry, etc.) take up more of my time. And are more important.

Also, one of my most consistent traits is incompletion. I’ll start a project, but I lose interest before it’s complete. My only consistent tendencies are my various interests, which accumulate best in my stories.

Additionally, I’ve tried so many times to divide and categorize the right way to have a writing blog. Out of all my various attempts, my favorite blog I had (which is now deleted) was a fairy tale focused one. It was marvelous. I loved it so much. I liked that it didn’t have to be anything in particular, except what I loved: stories, pictures, fairy tales, Disney. It was lovely.

The problem with a lot of my other ideas for blogs is that there isn’t a lot there. Or rather, a lot to do with it, except when the impulse strikes me. About the only other idea that worked (which I tried to revise into a place to post about my writing, my stories, my thoughts) was a blog for me to categorize writing references, story references, story inspiration, setting inspiration, and submission places. I liked it more when it was for me, not for sharing my writing that I don’t want to share online that I want to share with people (plus share my confusion and struggles).

Maybe those are two different things? But then, what do I do about it?



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