Writerly Notions: What to do?

So I’m in a bit of a muddle. (Also, don’t mind me, I’m just clearing my thoughts.)

What should I work on? Okay, scratch that. Should I write the final section of my long, long, long overdue demon mythology story, even if I’m not 100% sure it actually makes sense, nor do I know what’s happening? Or should I try to make it all fit together?

And see, that’s the hitch. A lot of ideas I’ve had post 2010 (Romance of Three Jewels, The Painting Story, NIAR, 12D + Bluebeard) actually have structure. Story structure. Conflict. Character arcs. Story stages. Do I know every detail? Probably not. Do I have enough to see how the plot connects and how my characters will grow and get from one story stage to the next? Oh, yes.

But I have at least three major projects that came before 2010. And it’s a pain because they’re not, well, as well structured.

The youngest (NoH) is an interesting case, since it didn’t start out as anything other than a revision of la Lampe merveilleuse plus cut lyrics from Aladdin plus the challenge of making unlikable characters grow into likable ones. It has now some of my favorite characters and is probably the set of stories and world I spend the most time on in my spare time. Its last full-haul revision was in 2012 or 2013. The kicker about that revision was that it was nicely constructed as a story, but the setting, the characters, and the character’s backstories, and plot are completely wrong.

The middle (Reflection) is the oddest of the three because it literally came out of nowhere. And it still stands as one of the more emotionally important pieces I’ve written to me. I’d like to finish it (read: revise), but well… Since this one was finished years after I started it, it actually has some connective plot points. What I really need to address is how I get from the MC leaving after the shark bite to the MC wanting to go to the Snow Queen’s palace. (I know how she hears about it, but I feel like there could be a tighter causal relation.) Also, I need to weave the antagonist into the earlier part. But it’s there. I just have to…fit the details together.

The oldest (WMWT) is…well… I made a quick breakdown of each section and it’s tales.

In the first section (Wood), all the tales flow and connect to me.

In the second section (Tree), the first few tales connect, but I don’t feel there’s a fluid connection to the last two; they both have ties to the first section, though. I also feel that the last tale needs to have a clearer idea of how the menace that destroys the Tree came to be.

In the third section (Earth or Kingdom), there’s a time-skip between the tales. Additionally, there’s more uncertainty as to which tales to include. Or how much detail should be given. I do know that the earlier tale(s) flow nicely from the end of the second section. But then there’s the time-skip and the last tale(s) and I’m just…what do I do with you? How do you relate to the rest of the tales? (Other than to address the descent of the Moon’s other grandchild.)

I guess that’s the conundrum: Do I try to make sense of WMWT and the last couple tales? Or should I revise Reflection and smooth over the bumps?

(I’m not even worrying about NoH yet because, well, I’ll go into that later.)


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