Take A Drink

Day 6: Feb 6

I have renewed these in lieu of the Refugee Ban in the USA. Inspired by the-cassandra-project and their Every Day Challenge, I am writing every day to raise money for the Urban Justice Center. You can donate here or please spread the word. Thank you.

Wind whistles through the trees, sprinkling golden and crimson leaves on the sluggish river. A bright glassy nose peeks out from a hollow under one of the trees, then a slim crystalline body wriggles up out of the ground. Sniffing the wind, the creature, sleek as an otter, slithers down to the bank. Its long indigo tongue laps up the warm water. Sunlight glistens off its shiny body. Its skin is still soft; it has not yet hardened into the diamond-tough outer shell that all its kind have. But the day is quiet and it is terribly thirsty.



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